In 1999 Mikal Telle had already run Telle Records for a year, and the first four 7-inches (Erot+Torske/Mundal, Röyksopp, Annie and Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band) had all done well. But at that time, Mikal really wanted to do a release with his two friends in the acoustic duo Kings of Convenience. Problem was, their musical style didn´t exactly fit into the Tellé club profile. That was when mr Telle got the brilliant idea of starting label no. 2; a label dedicated to new exiting music that operated within the very wide pop/rock genre.

So here we are, having done everything from the sophisticated sounds of Kings of Convenience to the extreme lo-fi shabbyness that was the Datarock/ Stockhaus split 10″, via the fresh sounds of Finnish garage masters And the Lefthanded. Go to the ´releases-site´and get a full overview of da releases, while you´re waiting for upcoming stuff from your new favourite label.