Who are you?
Little men from Suomi, Finland. Once we were warriors and before that, food collectors. Never farmers, not us. In the medieval times we would have been troubadours or poets. Maybe musicians in Kings court.

Describe your music.
It is our sad duty to make music too hard to describe, man.

If your releases on √ČLLET RECORDS sell one million copies, what will you do?
Shine on, you Grazy diamond! We split the money with √ČLLET RECORDS.

If you could pick a place anywhere in the world to do a show, where would it be?
In Egypt. We arrange a five days (The Psychic Quantum Reaper) -festival just outside the Pyramids. And The Lefthanded will play every night as a headline. We build a massive x-tra pyramid next to the ones that are allready there, called “Abstractus Anubis” and when the last show ends and the GIGANTIC Psychic Quantum Reaper will come out from Abstractus, spitting fire and mayhem around, it will be the biggest, most massive festival in African continent this millenium. Grazy Diamond Shining!!