Evil Tordivel
A fine young man

Debut album from Bergen’s best kept songwriting secret. 13 songs which sends your mind into a twisted unreasonable pop-landscape. Which means it has to be great.

King Midas
Romeo Turn

King Midas’ new album ‘Romeo Turn’ has been out for a month here in Norway, a the first edition is allready sold out. It has recieved superduper critics all over the place, and we’re really looking forward to release this masterpiece in the rest of the world early next yeart. Be ready.

And the Lefthanded

It’s cool to finally release a group which has been one of our favourites for many years! What more is there to say? Good shit is coming up…

King Midas
“High on Dallas Freeway”

New single from the artpop quintet. The tune was originally featured on the ‘Scandinavia’ album, but we thought it was so nice we wanted to release it again! Remix by Gaute Drevdal (Moonflowers) on the B-side.

King Midas
“The man from the Gas Station”

First Éllet-release from the Oslo quintet. Their latest album ‘Scandinavia’ (ManRec, 1999) achieved more or less cult status in Norway. Nice then, that this EP got hysterical reviews and that the title track became a hit on Norwegian radio. King Midas, who describe their music as ‘modern blues’, are now working on their new album.

Evil Tordivel
“4 tracks and an Amiga”

Mr. Tordivel is now his working on his debut album, and he also had a tune featured on Kings of Convenience’s remix album ‘Versus’, which gave him a lot attention. Not too many people have heard this EP, but those who has, will probably agree that lo-fi pop can’t be done much nicer.

Split EP

Ah, what had the world looked like without unemployment, angst, and bedrooms filled with bad recording equipment. Well, probably the same, but nevertheless this 10″ might be the most controversial release Mikal Telle has ever done. Some say it’s way to shabby, while others mean both sides are lo-fi masterpieces.

Kings of Convenience
“Brave new world”

…and finally they got signed to Source, their debut album ‘Quiet is the new loud’ sold 312641278935234090000000 copies, and they toured all over the place. Acoustic world domination!

Kings of Convenience

…The follow-up to ‘Toxic girl’ made even more people, both in Norway and abroad, become interested in KOC’s beautiful tunes…

Kings of Convenience
“Toxic Girl”

First release on Éllet, and first release from Eirik and Erlend’s acoustic duo. Toxic girl became a hit on Norwegian radio even before it was released!