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Cycling is a very popular activity in the world which allows a person both to have fun and keep fit. It is, however, a challenge for most biking lovers to move from one place to another with traditional bikes. Storage issues if a person has no enough space at home, very limited access to the public transport system and security.

Folding bikes offer the solution to all these problems by allowing the owner to compact their bikes to a smaller size. This allows the user to store the bike without any hustle and move with the bike from one place to another.

Cycling is popular around the world because it brings a lot of benefit to the rider and also to the surrounding environment. Apart from the fact that riding a bike is fun, cycling also offers benefits like:

1. Health benefits.

As a person cycles, he or she is able to keep fit and develop the necessary muscles to help the body be more healthy. Riding your bike frequently can help in the reduction of weight, manage diabetes, improve your heart health etc.

2. Cost cutting.

Cycling also plays a major role in cutting your transport cost as you need no fuel to move from one place to another. Only your effort is needed to achieve the movement.

3. Environmental issues.

Bike release no pollution to the environment compared to other forms of transport. This is very good to the environment.

When buying a folding bike, there are some factors you need to have in mind before settling on a certain particular type of folding bike. Some of the factors to consider are:

1. Folding method.

Bikes normally fold in different ways. The main folding varieties are:

– Half fold

– Triangle hinge

– Break-away

Every variety of folding comes with its own advantages and disadvantages from ease to dismantle, complexity in packing to how tough the ride is.

2. Frame size.

The frame size and the material used in the manufacturing of the bike will determine the weight of the bike. The size of the frame will also affect the durability of the bike. Cheap frames will not last long.

3. Price.

Folding bikes come at different prices. Some are expensive others are affordable. You can always find a folding bike depending on your budget. Always balance what you will get from the bike with what you are ready to spend on the bike.

4. The number of speed.

For a person looking for speed, going for multiple gears would work well as you are able to go up the hill without putting too much pressure on your knees

5. Suspension.

The folding bikes with suspension technology are normally very comfortable to ride compared to the ones without.

6. The purpose of the bike.

It is important, as the user of the bike, to understand the primary purpose of having that folding bike. Is the bike for off road use, used to travel as transport to work, for long journeys etc. Knowing the purpose will help in determining the best folding bike to buy.

7. Wheel size.

The size of the wheels will always have a major impact on the performance of the bike. Wheel size will always affect whether you have a softer navigation or not.

Some of the five best folding bikes you can get for under 500 dollars include:

1. Ford by Dahon

2. Mantis Tri-Rad

3. Camp 20″ Alloy 7 Speed

4. Schwinn 20-Inch Loop Folding Bike

5. Mantis Tri-Rad Folding Adult Tricycle

In conclusion, folding bikes have made it easier to take care bikes when it comes to moving and storage. It is important to understand that you can get a nice folding bike at a very low price. The type of folding bike you settle on will always depend on your interest.

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